We are a branding and design consultancy that collaborates with entrepreneurial minds and businesses to help create integrated brand experiences, driven by radical insights and coherent strategies.

We were founded in 2002 to help organisations respond to change, using design. We believe that branding is changing the way people feel, talk and live. With today’s changing local needs and global perspectives, we constantly try to reimagine the convergence of technology and design that can bring new ideas to life. 

By staying focussed on our core competencies in strategic thinking, holistic branding and user-centred design, we help brands identify opportunities, differentiate brand presence and foster businesses.

Meet the minds that make up Leaf and enhance our collective capabilities.

Sumit Patel
Co-Founder & Director

Sandeep Ozarde
Co-Founder & Director

Mahendra Patel
Chief Mentor

We are thinkers, designers, coders, concept developers, consultants, illustrators, copywriters, visualisers and makers. We are communicators.

We think afresh
Our environment connects people in different ways through conversations, behaviours and interactions. We like to ignite meaningful exchange of ideas for positive change. 

We live out of our comfort zone
To us, thinking and design must be radical, intuitive, and smart. This means that we never cease to observe and learn, and when it comes to facing challenges, we are always excited to dig in.

We are obsessed with details
We love spending hours on the seemingly tiny bits of the task, perfecting it and maximising value. We always think deeper on how to excel ourselves.

We believe in co-creating
We collaborate with clients as partners and fuse a range of insights, skills and interactions to elevate beyond the desired expectations. While we are at it, we favour ability to experience.

We keep it simple and fun
We are great friends with environment and technology, deeply human, mildly fanatical, socially responsible, enjoy celebrations and anything adventurous. We follow our logic and keep it simple. Simple as Leaf.

We identify opportunities, ideate possiblities and implement strategies to make brands differentiated and enduring.


Using radical insights, systematic brand audits and opportunity mapping, we build a strategic platform defining the brand architecture and positioning to improve and strengthen consumer-brand relationships. Our strategic thinking process helps us focus on a single idea and bring direction in formulating a unified experience. 

+ Insights
+ Experience Valuation 
+ Opportunity Mapping 
+ Brand Architecture
+ Brand Positioning
+ Brand Voice 
+ Naming System


We create brand experiences that define the identity, shape the impression it wants to communicate and build interactions to facilitate meaningful user engagements. We do this through our well integrated approach in creating identity, product applications, communications, services, environments and digital interactions.     

+ Brand Identity 
+ Brand Communication
+ Branded Environment
+ Wayfinding System
+ Service Design
+ Packaging Design 
+ Digital Application


A brand is an evolving dialogue between ideas, people and society. We help define what a brand stands for today, and what it aspires to be in the future. Through our brand management that includes brand internal engagement and systematic brand assessments over time, we keep a brand ready and relevant to our changing times. 

+ Go-to-Market Strategy

+ Internal Engagement 
+ UX Development
+ Brand Guidelines 
+ Brand Assessment 
+ Brand Management 

Thinking differently can transform the way organisations build and communicate brands. 


A brand is no longer what it says, but what it does. This brings our three-step process into perspective, where we partner with you to understand the purpose, need and challenge. We ask, we listen, we tinker, and follow a simple, iterative process to arrive at the problem and opportunity. With clarity at the core, we narrow down to define the brand essence, values, attributes, positioning and voice. From here, we take a creative leap, to build a design system and brand experience that we can nurture and own.