Sandeep Ozarde
Co-Founder & Director

Director at Leaf, Sandeep is responsible for new business development, establishing the brand connect, design sustainability and digital initiatives. He brings his expertise in understanding and designing immersive consumer experiences to various industry sectors including retail, food and hospitality, finance, technology, consumer products and services. 

He graduated with merit in communication design from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune. He has always been passionate about how digital convergence can be used to encourage user connectivity, interactions and social innovation. 

Prior to Leaf, Sandeep was the Creative Director and a founding team member at, was responsible for establishing product strategy, design direction across content, e-commerce and community services while leading new product development. Having garnered significant international experience in the design and branding space, he is actively researching on linguistics and how good design can influence the betterment of our society. 

He loves to read history, enjoys biking and travelling the world.

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