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18 November 2016

Sandeep Ozarde represented Leaf Design at ISDI Roundtable Conference

The ISDI Round Table Conference was held on 14th November 2016 where eminent industry guests were invited to further ISDI’s vision of bridging the industry-academia gap. Sandeep Ozarde from Leaf Design presented on design thinking and accessibility at the summit.

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24 October 2016

Sourajit Sengupta brings industry perspective at NID Vijaywada

Our Principal Designer Sourajit Sengupta was at NID, Vijaywada recently to lead a workshop on Design Process. The workshop proved to be connecting-point for the bright, young minds at the esteemed institute and the industry-experienced designer. 

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01 October 2016

Leaf picks up a Blue Elephant at the Kyoorius Design Awards 2016

We designed wayfinding and environmental graphics for the Lokmat Headquarters in Mumbai and bagged a Blue Elephant at the Kyoorius Design Awards 2016 for it. Awarded for excellence in strategic design, this recognition applauds the innovative thought and implementation we crafted for the office environment. We’re thrilled!

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04 April 2016

Addressing challenges for the visually challenged

Sandeep Ozarde addressed a design talk called “Accessibility & Universal Design”, and also conducted a workshop along with Dr Sam Taraporevala, Director Xavier’s Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged (XRCVC), St. Xavier’s College. The agenda was to generate awareness among esign students towards accessibility challenges and it could not be ignored across different design disciplines. Read on to know more about the precious learning.

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21 March 2016

Reinventing a leading Business Intelligence firm

RocSearch is a world-leader in delivering actionable business intelligence solutions that fuel strategic growth – built on accuracy and committed to help companies focus in the right direction. We translated this ethos in the logotype seamlessly marrying stability of the fontface with the target symbol, which stood for a radical change. Overtones of red and many other factors represented passion and energy and fostered recognition. 

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29 January 2016

Two thought-provoking days on identity design

Sumit Patel was a key speaker to conduct a workshop and presentation in Identity Design at “chhap”, a national seminar by Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune, from 21st to 23rd Jan’16. Attended by students and academicians, the workshop revolved around the thinking process that started by identifying an idea, defining brand essence and bringing alive. Read on to know more about how the workshop went.

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Leaf lifts the Blue Elephant at Kyoorius Digital Awards 2015 

We designed the UX interface for Compoz, a unique storytelling App by Watercress Technologies and walked away with the Blue Elephant at the Kyoorius Digital Awards 2015. Awarded for excellence in user-focused digital design, this recognition applauds the innovative UX we put together for the brand new App. Yay!

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05 January 2015

An app interface that let’s you share your visual stories

Compoz is an app that lets you interpret your world through short visual stories. It is an easy, beautiful and comprehensive way to capture and share your point of view with people all around the world. We designed the app and created the complete identity around it to make it memorable and exciting. By creating a simple interface, we help the world create inspiring stories, discover interesting storytellers and become a more meaningful place. 

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25 November 2014

Filling calming hues into an hospital

As Wockhardt Hospital is poised to become the most advanced and progressive healthcare institution in India it wanted a branded environment for tomorrow. Leaf built upon the timeless belief that good health is a state of mind and tapped into the infinite world of art to create an environment filled with beauty and calm. By focussing on admiration rather than anxiety and suffering, it allowed complete relaxation, while the medicine takes care of the body.

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10 April 2014

Baby steps in the right Direction- wayfinding for Surya Child Care

When it comes to childcare, trust, sociability, ease and comfort are most important. Surya Child Care needed to create an environment that reflected its ethos such as professionalism, safety, care and stress free environment and practices. We used these factors as building blocks, and used a combination of colours, pictograms and informative posters to create an environment of trust for parents and camaraderie for children.

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20 January 2014

An immersive experience for movie Fans with BigFlix’s Big Change

BigFlix approached Leaf Design to create a unified user experience across multiple formats. We catalysed the brand experience with trends, convenience and experience to reflect the service’s premium stance through features like easy access to main categories through a side menu, more features on log-in and easy sorting interface. Thereon, our design approach was based on in-depth research and insights into viewer experience.

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18 June 2013 

Shaping a journey into a whole new world of travel

Veena World’s founders were keen to create a brand that capitalised on its Kesari Tours legacy and was fuelled by the 30-yr experience of its enterprising team. We crafted a simple and unique brand identity that instilled its ethos of travel for one and all, anywhere around the world and reflected the confidence, passion and cheerfulness of its leader Veena Patil.

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27 December 2012

Serving up a selection of everyday emotions

Make My Day (MM:D) was built on the delightful premise of simple and fresh food, using only vegetarian ingredients, in refreshing environments. To bring that alive, we infused happiness into food, and created vibrant communication that made every day into a happy day.

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07 December 2012

A tailored video magazine experience for smartphones

Leaf Design re-created a simple and seamless browsing experience for Taaza, a personalised video magazine with a range of relevant and crisp video viewing options. The logo, app launcher icon and User Interface was re-designed on the tenets of high-visibility, contrast and modern design. Together, the app created a unified experience and allowed users to stay updated through a personalised browsing experience on smartphones.

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23 October 2012

Fountainhead featured in FOLLOW ME, a book by SendPoints Publications

Fountainhead, the Leadership Centre of Edelweiss finds pride of place in FOLLOW ME (2) – a book by SendPoints Books Co. Ltd, that specializes in introducing excellent wayfinding system design around the world to readers. It conveys how design combines with brand image to convey and extend the connotation of the brand. It also introduces the designers and studios behind the work.

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17 Sepember 2012

Leaf Design covered in Kyoorius Magazine 2013 Publications

Kyoorius Magazine is the first quarterly dedicated to cover design related news and events in India. It also showcases the latest output from leading Indian design studios, and at Leaf Design, we are happy to have had the honour.

Kyoorius Magazine is produced by Kyoorius with the intent Kyoorius is a not for profit organization initiated by Transasia Fine Papers, incepted to fuel a design movement in India. Apart from building awareness amongst design buyers about the value of design, it also produces a quarterly magazine that offers niche and relevant content to the creative industry.

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27 January 2012

Crafting a wealth of possibilities for Edelweiss House

At the core of Edelweiss is the philosophy of ‘Ideas create, values protect’. For designing the brand environment for Edelweiss House, the Origami art of paper folding became a strategic thematic choice. It effectively depicted the expertise of the financial powerhouse, which believes in crafting personal wealth solutions for the world. The ethos was extended into designing the Edelweiss Café – a space that encouraged interaction and self-expression. Humanizing imagination, fantasy and humour while playing with subdued colours, we created a cohesive theme to ignite conversations and express moods.

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Glory for Leaf Design at Designomics Awards 2011

At the recently declared prestigious Designomics Awards 2011, Lanco Infratech and Edelweiss walked away with top honours for branded environment design. Lanco had partnered with Leaf Design for corporate office design, while Edelweiss had worked with Leaf Design for Fountainhead, Edelweiss’s Centre of Excellence in Alibaug. Launched by Vyas Gianetti Creative, Designomics endorses the value of strategic integration of ‘design’ in ‘economics’ or businesses. The Award recognizes design, but even more so it applauds the business houses that have employed Design processes and skill-sets and prospered from it.

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17 October 2011

Sancho’s published in Choi’s Gallery publication, China

Choi’s Gallery (, published bi-monthly has a unique review dedicated to present the best new graphics from all over the world. Sancho’s, a restaurant brand and environment design project undertaken by Leaf Design, has won pride of place in the publication.

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12 September 2011

Extending new Lanco identity in the workspace environment

When Lanco repositioned its identity and positioning with the “edge”, it portrayed growth and vision. Leaf Design re-designed its office environment to extend this culture and philosophy giving it an energetic, fresh style.

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02 August 2011

Leaf Design wins at the Sign Festival Awards 2011

Held for the first time, the Sign Festival Awards 2011 awards organized to honour the best talent in the signage field and celebrate innovation and creativity in the sign making and digital printing industry. Leaf Design’s work for Fountainhead Leadership Centre won the ‘Best Signage Design Award’ judged across various parameters like design, functionality and aesthetics. Leaf Design’s work for ‘Mumbai International Airport’ won the second award under the category of ‘Best Wayfinding Programme’.

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20 July 2011

Leaf Design leaves a mark at India Design Mark Competition

India Design Council exists to be involved in promotion of design on an international platform with an exclusive identity and status to mark good Indian design. The INDIA DESIGN MARK is constituted to help define good design. Two of three entries sent by Leaf Design were shortlisted among the twelve outstanding entries chosen from 201 entries across India.

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05 April 2011

The Fountainhead Leadership Centre by Edelweiss

Expounding the core insight of nurturing leaders and daring them to take flight, Fountainhead was a significant environment design project for Leaf Design. The location of the centre is key as it is tucked away from the hustle of the city into the silent and blue island of Alibag. So the sea and its frequented birds like Seagulls are the inspirations of the naming and design techniques followed at the centre. Together, it combines the key elements of the logo and flying and uses instances of the natural world to convey leadership.

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19 March 2011

Amélie Bonet from Dalton Maag conducts type workshop with Leaf Design

Amélie Bonet from the Dalton Maag design team shares her time and thoughts with Leaf Design on type design, and the optical and strategic considerations that go into it. 

Amélie is a type and graphic designer. She is an MA in Typeface Design from the University of Reading, UK before joining Dalton Maag in the spring of 2010. Previously, she studied at the Ecole Estienne (Typography) and Ecole Duperre (Visual Communications) in Paris, and also worked as a freelance typeface designer. Amélie’s type design research at Reading focused on three script systems: Latin, Greek and Devanagari.

13 February 2011

Leaf Design participates in Mumbai Cyclothon event

Lead Design joined over 6000 cycling enthusiasts at the Mumbai Cyclothon, Tour de Mumbai 2011 on 13th Feb 2011. It was Leaf’s way of showing support for causes of greener tomorrow, animal welfare and paediatric cardiac care. 

26 June 2010

The Mainz Gutenberg Award has so far been bestowed 17 times and Prof. Mahendra Patel is the first Indian recipient of this Award. He received the award by the mayor of the City of Mainz at Mainz, Frankfurt on the 26th of June 2010.

18 April 2010

Leaf Design launches website for Kwench, online library solutions

Leaf Design ideated upon, designed and launched /’kwench/, India’s first corporate library solutions provider, bringing a paradigm shift to the concept of conventional corporate libraries. By providing convenient information design and intuitive layouts and icons, it now enables book readers to access books across 40 plus categories that cater to the professional and personal reading needs of individuals. Users can browse the collection of titles through the website and place an order for borrowing. While the collection is accessed online, the physical book is delivered to the user’s workplace within 24 hours.

01 March 2010


Leaf Design announced a blog website in honour of the highly recognised Prof. Mahendra Patel. It is aimed at chronicling the achievements of one of India’s most prolific typeface designers. It also talks about his experience and projects executed across design sectors like exhibition, identity, map, print, signage and type.

10 January 2010

Toujours Case Study in Retailer Magazine

Retailer covers Toujours store case study in its Best Retail Suppliers 2010 segment and Leaf Design’s involvement in creating the lavish design and ambience. “Toujours was its own inspiration as we rode the fine balance between exclusivity and appeal,” says Sandeep Ozarde, Director, Leaf Design.

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08 October 2009

Leaf Design Covered in Leading Indian Retail Website

In an interview with, Sumit Patel looks deeper into how retail design, visual merchandising, signage systems and more can inform and inspire the consumer to create a stronger brand connect in-store. He talks about the feasibility of design implementation with budget constraints, adaptation criteria etc, and how the retail experience can be redefined through a better understanding of the consumer.