News  /  28 November 2011

Glory for Leaf Design at Designomics Awards 2011

At the recently declared prestigious Designomics Awards 2011, Lanco Infratech and Edelweiss walked away with top honours for branded environment design. Lanco had partnered with Leaf Design for corporate office design, while Edelweiss had worked with Leaf Design for Fountainhead, Edelweiss’s Centre of Excellence in Alibaug. Launched by Vyas Gianetti Creative, Designomics endorses the value of strategic integration of ‘design’ in ‘economics’ or businesses. The Award recognizes design, but even more so it applauds the business houses that have employed Design processes and skill-sets and prospered from it.

As Lanco repositioned its identity, Leaf Design re-designed its office environment to extend its philosophy of growth and vision, giving it an energetic, fresh style. For Fountainhead, Edelweiss needed an enduring personality for their newest Leadership Centre that fuelled thinking and creativity. Both briefs from Lanco and Edelweiss showed a strong bent towards embracing and institutionalising Design within their organizations. They displayed an openness to adopt the power of design to bring positive and profitable results. This allowed Leaf Design to strategise and develop brand-aligned thinking combined with a fresh approach.

The first award of its kind in India, it also recognizes the client and design partnership, and thus the persuasive power of design houses that can fit strategic design into various milestones of businesses. The first edition of the Designomics Awards celebrated examples of effectiveness and impact in strategic Design.