News  / 20 July 2011

Leaf Design leaves a mark at India Design Mark Competition

India Design Council exists to be involved in promotion of design on an international platform with an exclusive identity and status to mark good Indian design. The INDIA DESIGN MARK is constituted to help define good design. Two of three entries sent by Leaf Design were shortlisted among the twelve outstanding entries chosen from 201 entries across India.

The design philosophy is inspired from the lotus blossom, deeply rooted across as the pride of India. The symbol is an analogy to revival, designed and created to represent the growth of an outstanding design solution that has bloomed into something prestigious from the most challenging of circumstances.

Designed to stamp a standard of excellence and leave a lasting impression, our logo is to grant the ‘Thumbs Up by iMark’. The detail of the design signifies the layered process and function that successful design follows. The logo is the dot of the ‘i’ that signifies a developed enhancement, without the dot their would be no ‘i’.

The logo stands up to represent the pride, nobility, respect and glory of Good Indian design. Inspired by the peacock feather, each individual characteristic can stand and represent on its own. The Peacock feather is simplifed to be envisioned as a strong visual character associated with benevolence, openness, good luck and immortality thereby indicating good intelligent design. The layers within the logo signify the details of design process and also envelop to form an eye, representing resurrection, a sense of pride through representation of India.