News  / 14 November 2016

Sandeep Ozarde represented Leaf Design at ISDI Roundtable Conference

The ISDI Round Table Conference was held on 14th November 2016 where eminent industry guests were invited to further ISDI’s vision of bridging the industry-academia gap. Sandeep Ozarde from Leaf Design presented on design thinking and accessibility at the prestigious summit. The conference touched upon topics that can transform the industry working like the roles and opportunities available in the industry, the skills and knowledge needed, the challenges and gaps faced by the industry, the scope for adding more value and substance to the curriculum.

At the conference, the inverted T model was recommended where design students were to be introduced to broader disciplines but encouraged to skill in the specialization of their choice. As an industry representative, it was Leaf Design’s attempt to minimize the gap between students’ learning and industry functions.