Making space for next level of excellence

Avendus is a leading new-age provider of financial services with an emphasis on customized solutions in Investment Banking, and more. As the company pushes boundaries in empowering high performing entrepreneurs, wealth creators and pioneers of the new age economy, Leaf was asked to step in.

We were entrusted with the task of translating the bold and brilliant work culture to a physical space. We wanted the new look to mirror the global, collaborative and dynamic ambitions of the Company.

Inspired by “next is the only level”, we took a unique strategic approach to the project. Instead of looking upon Avendus as an office design, we envisioned it as an achievement centre. We crafted each zone with a distinctive language that fuelled team-spirit to reach for the next level.

Each design element was a visual metaphor for risk and action. While meeting spaces came alive as a catalyst for embedding values.

Brand Environment



Beginning with the new

Our foray into the Avendus brand began with revitalising the logo. We added a touch of fine-tuning and boldness to reflect the new brand DNA. It was a reflection of expertise, excellence and confidence.

Every element adds up

We matched up the fearless and open attitude of the Company with a forthright and powerful visual language. Graphical abstractions that symbolised the “next level” were the basis on which the look was further developed. Every look and design depicted a metaphor for risk, action and finally the act of rising to the occasion. All this, while making a positive impact on employees.

Catalysing Spaces

At Avendus, spaces are carved to inspire teams and breathe in their culture. We brought in fun and interactive new way that was tossed around indoor games but created a completely new mix. Each space acts as a catalyst and fuels the spirit of challenge to drive the team to the next level. Life sized installations mirror the values of excellence cherished at Avendus. 


Installing Culture 

The sharp and mind-teasing indoor games were used as a creative and emphatic touch, encourage clients and visitors to absorb, play with and become a part of their brand culture.

Let’s go LEGO

The metaphor of a Lego game came alive as we harnessed the power of one for all and all for one. Pieces came together to form a strong base to serve as a launchpad for the future.


Un-blocking Imagination 

We revived the charm of playing with alphabet blocks as we built an entire wall on it. We left the canvas open for people to form their own words, own rules and definitions.

Fun One

The fun shaded wooden blocks build words that become the bedrock of the office and add to the values of the company.

Connecting the Dots

We also used dots as a fun visual medium to form words and an interactive series to once again emphasise company values to all, albeit a little differently.

Burp goes the day 

Café Burp at the office premises declared itself as a happy place from the word go. So everything that we did for it, from its stamp logo to its black and white graphics, spelt fun and joy in every, well, burp.