Space that breathes everything to next level

The Avendus Group (Avendus) is a leading provider of financial services. As the company expanded to a new office, Leaf was given a task to translate their thriving culture in the new space – a space that brings out courage, thrill and sheer joy of pushing boundaries. They sought a new look to mirror the global, collaborative and dynamic side of the Company.

We envisioned Avendus as the centre to achieve. We crafted each zone to be unique, and fuelling the spirit of team to reach out for the next level. Each design element developed a visual metaphor to risk, act and rise. We brought meeting space alive as a catalyst for embedding the values taking direct metaphors from indoor games. 

Brand Environment, Wayfinding & Signage



Welcome to Avendus

Formal, classy and sophasticated were key factors while designing for reception area. It brings the brand into focus and conveys it’s brand essence as you enter into the space.


Compoz allows people to capture visuals and string them together to create an inspiring story. It lets users fuel their inspiration with interesting stories and perspectives from people all around the world.

Facts of world

Compoz is crafted to inspire by keeping the stories and books the users like, in one convenient place and reach out to this collection anytime for reference. Finally, it allows them to retell stories and make them popular for the world to discover. 

Thought of Boxes

At Avendus, spaces are carved to inspire teams. A fresh and fun new brand language was made that tossed around indoor games but created a completely new mix. Each space acts as a catalyst and fuels the spirit of challenge to drive the team to the next level. Life sized installations mirror the values of excellence cherished at Avendus. 


Branding & Identity

The visual identity of the app takes a clean and uncluttered approach. Three colours merge into a C-shaped logo: symbolic of different perceptions coming together and blending into something new. The font is simple and meaningful, never distracting from the purpose.

Team Work

Together we win, harnessing the power of one for all and all for one. Bringing all the lego peices together to build a strong foundation that can be relied on.



The simplistic and easy to navigate approach of the app has been translated onto the website as well. With lots of open spaces and minimal text, the site gives room to creativity and imagination.

Semplice Theme

I’m foolish and I’m funny and I’m needy. Am I needy? Are you sure I’m not needy? ‘Cause I feel needy sometimes. That coat costs more than your house! Look, you are playing adults

Semplice Theme

Choosing to do right thing over what seems easy or beneficial forms the bedrock of the institutions built to last.


Cafe Burp

Compoz is an easy, beautiful and comprehensive way to capture, collect and share your point of view through short visual stories collect and share your point of view through short visual stories