Compoz lets you interpret your world through short visual stories

Stephen Denning in his book ‘The Springboard’ says that telling stories builds trust because you are sharing a bit of yourself. Telling stories can unlock passion because it sparks myriad feelings and emotions. And stories help connect the head to the heart. And somewhere on this bridge between ideas and feelings, Compoz was born.

It is not about taking technically perfect pictures, it was the richness of thought that breathed a unique beauty to each picture.

New meaning emerges from the telling and retelling of stories. And that is what Compoz builds on.

Compoz is an easy, beautiful and comprehensive way to capture, collect and share your point of view through short visual stories with people all around the world. Leaf was delighted to not only conceive the idea but to build the entire experience of it.

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Building it up

We put our heads together to create an app that gave the simple everyday person a voice and a chance to express their ideas and perspective without having to weave them into words. One click, a few simple steps to uploading a story – that is worth a thousand words!


Compoz allows people to capture visuals and string them together to create an inspiring story. It lets users fuel their inspiration with interesting stories and perspectives from people all around the world.

Enhancing Storytelling

Compoz is crafted to inspire by keeping the stories and books the users like, in one convenient place and reach out to this collection anytime for reference. Finally, it allows them to retell stories and make them popular for the world to discover. 


Branding & Identity

The visual identity of the app takes a clean and uncluttered approach. Three colours merge into a C-shaped logo: symbolic of different perceptions coming together and blending into something new. The font is simple and meaningful, never distracting from the purpose.



The simplistic and easy to navigate approach of the app has been translated onto the website as well. With lots of open spaces and minimal text, the site gives room to creativity and imagination.