Great minds take a ‘Chai Break’ at Edelweiss

Edelweiss, Chai Break

Edelweiss decided to brand its café experience at Edelweiss House, requiring an identity that would marry the innovative DNA of the company with an expressive and engaging visual language.

We were inspired by the Edelweiss culture of “ideas create, values protect” to create a space that served as a springboard of ideas by encouraging interaction and self-expression. 

Humanizing imagination, fantasy and humour while playing with subdued browns, we created a cohesive theme and look that subtly reflected the culture – across the cafe environment. Bold icons, blurbs, rhetoric questions and quick statements, all came together to ignite conversations, engage minds and express moods: and all the while staying true to the value ethos of Edelweiss in a light-hearted environment.

Brand Environment, Wayfinding System


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