Branding Fountainhead Leadership Centre to fly high

Edelweiss Fountainhead

Edelweiss, the leading financial powerhouse, needed an enduring personality for their newest Leadership Centre located amidst the Arabian Sea in an island. Edelweiss asked Leaf to create a look and design for the space and highlight the sophisticated features and creative potential of the centre.

As branding and environment design specialists, we were enthused by the idea of transforming a mere physical location into a resonating brand message.

We took inspiration from the flight of a bird used in the logotype, one of the key instances of leadership in the world of nature.

To demonstrate the centre’s capabilities, we conceived and created names and designs of various sections that people would interact with. Each such signage graphically illustrated a specific place and intent, described within the context of birds and the colours of the sea. The concept was also extended to residential spaces at the centre.

Brand Environment, Wayfinding System 


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