Crafting a wealth of possibilities for Edelweiss House

Edelweiss House

At the core of Edelweiss is the philosophy of ‘Ideas create, values protect’. Translated into an approach that is led by entrepreneurship and creativity, this also became the springboard for designing the fifteen-floor Edelweiss House – home to a range of financial services in Mumbai.

Origami crafts paper into a million possibilities. So the unique Japanese art of paper folding was strategically chosen to depict the expertise of the financial powerhouse, which believes in crafting personal wealth solutions for the world. 

Apart from being a disruptive metaphor for crafting intelligent solutions, Origami also resonated with Edelweiss’ values of open mindedness, transparency & efficiency.

Sustainable vinyl technique served to increase lifespan, just as environment-friendly green printing with conducive and vivid colours was employed to uplift moods. For Leaf, the space brand environment design combined imagination with a series of origami craft renditions. For Edelweiss, it expressed both sophistication of the space and the endlessly inventive spirit of the company. 

Brand Environment, Wayfinding System


Financial Services


The parking basements at Edelweiss are cold and dark with no sunlight. Vivid orange, green and yellow wayfinding parking signs were designed to create a cheerful environment in sync with the entire Edelweiss building.