Bringing the joy of fresh and healthy food to India

Juice Zone is a global line of fresh, hygienic, delicious and refreshing foods and juices, made right in front of you, without any additives or preservatives. When they came to India, Leaf Design was asked to infuse freshness and individuality, while retaining the international brand essence all the way.

Food is one of the most vibrant sources of life and Juice Zone brings out everything that is good in it. 

With great attention to their focus on fresh and healthy food, we drew a parallel of Juice Zone offerings to life itself. Thus Juice Zone was positioned as a centre to Refresh Life. Bright natural colours signified pure foods that revitalised a weary body, simple communication language used in wall posters served to replenish a tired mind, and a delightful environment represented the healthy way of preparing food that made the soul rejoice.

Brand Environment

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