Restoring the equilibrium of good health through Pure Ayurveda

Kapiva Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the holistic science of health, focused on maintaining a physically and emotionally balanced state. Kapiva is a fresh retail concept where the health and wellness of people is enabled by best Ayurvedic doctors, finest medicines and natural healthcare products.

Envisaged through the idea of unique treatment for individuals, according to their body type, the nationwide chain of Ayurveda clinics aims to provide highest quality of product and service.


Kapiva is all about knowing, achieving and maintaining that harmony of good health. Our objective was to transform the way people perceive Ayurveda –– present it in a contemporary and purest form so as to be accepted as general practice.

We sought to build and develop a graphic identity with consumer education and awareness at its core to dispel myths and build assurance. The overall identity created a trustworthy, clear and straightforward look that spelt wellness and harmony.

Brand Identity & Communication, Brand Environment, Brand Packaging

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Approach & Naming

We named the brand so as to represent the ideal tri-dosha balance of Kapha-Pitta-Vata, which is the basic core of Ayurveda for harmony of health. 

Taking an elementary approach for the visual, we blended custom sans serif typography with basic geometry, where the circles became metaphor for the equilibrium of three doshas and the leaf in the centre represented purity.

Pure Ayurveda

The power of Ayurveda at its purest can heal people naturally. Kapiva does this by combining the best doctors, best medicines and broadest and most relevant range of natural healthcare products. Thus, the simple, striking and clear brand tagline of “Pure Ayurveda” spelt out the promise of healing with ayurveda at heart.

Ecologically Friendly

For a brand built on an ethos of maintaining a balance within our bodies as a foundation of good health, caring and sensitivity towards the environment comes as a natural progression. All the print and promotional material uses natural colours and 100% recycled paper. It upheld and enhanced the pride of the person carrying the bag, as a bold statement of their solidarity with an eco-friendly world.


Retail Environment

In its quest for equilibrium, the clinic was built to inspire an elevated state of good health. With its soothing hues and informative yet personalised messages, the space re-assured consumers. This in turn made them comfortable, taking them closer to experience wellness. 

We kept the visual language simple and natural. Taking inspiration from nature itself, using elements of herbs and leaves to illustrate compositions on to brown background. We aimed to bring about a sense of balance within the space itself, emulating the true harmony of body mind and soul that is Kapiva.


Brand Communication

The brand communication was kept powerful and memorable, and was mainly translated into simple posters in subtle and natural hues. The messaging was clear, easy-to-understand and reflected the simplicity of the brand at all times.


The doctor boards did not stop at mentioning the doctor’s name, qualifications and timings etc. They served as powerful brand extensions, emphasising the significance of the proposition at key touchpoints.

Packaging Design 

The Kapiva packaging was a predictive extension of the traditional practice of packaging in Ayurveda that reserves labels for the name and ingredients.  Bringing alive the apothecary look and feel, we used blocking information as labels and supported them with crisp typography and a vibrant color system. This clear segmentation allowed consumers to hone in on what they need at all times. Ink illustrations of ingredients formed an informative background to convey the pure and natural quality of the products.


Creating a packaging system that resonates purity in Ayurveda