Media company to create impactful experiences for young Indian audiences

Lennep Media

Lennep Media produces and distributes meaningful and fun entertainment content for children and their families. From producing original Indian to distributing popular Dutch content, from episodic television shows to children’s features, Lennep Media is poised to create impactful media experiences for the growing market of young audiences in India.

Lennep Media is an initiative of Van Lennep Producties, a known name in Dutch television entertainment.

The brand development exercise at Leaf began by creating a contemporary identity that represents a fresh perspective. The logo is a bold capital L with the Bodoni font which marked the arrival of an established Company to India. It is an effective reminder of the television medium and how the brand intends to create a revolution in the way children’s content is viewed.

Finally, the confident, bold-designed and iconic website is its first face in India, and establishing the brand as modern, optimistic and yet responsible.

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Lennep Media

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