Reinforcing the power of voice at work

For Lokmat, the largest read regional language newspaper in India and the No.1 Marathi newspaper in Maharashtra & Goa states, their mission of enriching lives by educating, informing, voicing and entertaining its reader in the smallest nook of India, is not just a powerful statement. It is a reason for being.

Over the years, the publication has built upon this mission and seeded a culture of leadership and responsibility. It has emphasised upon the power of voice, and has ensured that the smallest opinion be heard, valued and respected.


Our aim was to embed the power of this voice into the office work environment; to connect stakeholders with the impact they make in the society; and to empower Lokmat to reinstate its own unique culture. Staying true to the leadership stance of the Company, we envisioned Lokmat as the centre of empowerment.

We brought each space alive as a catalyst for embedding the values and voice of the Company. From local pride in Devnagari script to a love for letterpress, the concept office was a bold departure.


Brand Environment, Brand Communication, Installation Design

Lokmat Media 



We wanted to pay homage to the traditional information gathering, processing, and publishing techniques such as letterpress or offset printing, type-setting, and pagination. They are the carriers of the voice that Lokmat is synonymous with. We wanted to re-connect the enduring back-end processing and publishing with people sitting in editorial offices. Our central theme revolved around translating each design concept based on these authentic techniques. It not only emphasised the role of an individual in creating a compelling outcome, but became a metaphor and inspiration to craft that voice.

Lokmat Wall

The welcome wall was built as testimony to the journey of Lokmat, its legacy and values, its ideologies and impact. Even as the wall captured key philosophies of the brand, it also reflected its brave vision for tomorrow – the embossed wooden panel stood for capturing timeless truths, as strongly as it stood for carving a way ahead.


Cabin Columns

As a powerful reflection of local pride, the treatment used Devnagari life-size numerals to connote cabins. On the other hand, the contemporary visual treatment gave it an urbane and lateral look. All the while, the structure used a column grid that was directly inspired by the pagination technique. 


Celebrating Letterpress

Celebrating and paying homage to the erstwhile letterpress printing technique, we decided to go back to where it all started. For this enduring brand, we made a modern day tribute to this most iconic technique that was both inspired and deeply impactful. We used the letterpress alphabets to express the brand values and communication in a real way.


Brand Beliefs

We communicated the voices of the people behind Lokmat, through posters that were woven around enriching lives, empowering people and the principles surrounding it. Combining photography with text, the design inspiration was taken from the editorial design of magazines and their layouts. The brand messages were rendered on actual offset printing plates, providing the backdrop of a processing house and becoming reminiscent of the editorial space.


Collection of Voices

A journalist derives his power from strong writing. In this unique book installation, custom-designed books and diaries spoke about Lokmat beliefs, inspirational quotes about leadership and responsibility, and more. In a way, it was a collection of voices which various people would relate to.


“Jithe ST, Tithe Lokmat”

Today the influence of Lokmat goes beyond classes, boundaries and people – this was the vision of the great Shri Jawaharlal Darda, founder of Lokmat. To showcase its powerful reach encapsulated in the tagline “Jithe ST, tithe Lokmat”, we installed a wall that traced the journey of the brand. Movable ST bus magnets added a delightful element of interactivity and play to the engaging installation.

Lokmat Journey

A simple, yet distinctive pillar design captured the milestones in the glorious journey of Lokmat – a fitting end to a memorable journey, an inspiring start to a new one.