Bringing an invisible experience in flying high

GVK Mumbai Airport

The Chatrapati Shivaji International and Domestic Airport wanted to make the arrival and departure experience of travelers more convenient. They came to us to develop a strong identity for the terminals spanning over areas of 200,000 sq. ft. and 900,000 sq. ft. respectively. We enjoy a challenge, and this one was to make the captive public environment attract and impress savvy travellers, while staying true to the city’s inherent friendliness.


Drawing upon typical traveller behaviour and the unique environment and architecture of the airport, we selected colours that combined utilitarian greys with vibrant blues. The space and background, amount of natural light let in the building, readability; legibility and visibility were key factors. Standardised directional signage boards used legible and open English & Devnagari typefaces, along with pictograms. With intent to be energy efficient, a non-backlit signage structure and unit system was developed enabling low maintenance and quick installation.

Information Design, Wayfinding System, Signage Design