Packaging that takes you back to chatpata by-lanes of memories

Nookad Namkeen

Nookad Namkeen is presented by Nookad Nation – a peppy brand that is all about reliving the laidback, cozy and unforgettable street food culture that a generation of Indians has grown up with.

It is this vibrant, youthful culture, packaged in the typical Indian katta style to satiate appetites and deliver the authentic Indian taste.

It captures the unforgettable street food culture and makes way for people to walk down the memory lane with every bite.

Hand lettering for the product name adds spontaneity to the brand, while the vibrant typography, bright colours from the streets infuse a sense of nostalgia. The bold illustrations, unique to every pack, make everyday moments much lighter.

Brand Packaging & Communication

Sayaji Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Food & Hospitality

Desi Culture, Packaged

Nookad Namkeen steps away from the category’s clichéd look and feel and bursts out with a gush of vibrant colours and unique flavours. It brings alive the moments of joy and memories with chatpata flavours.


Touch of hand

The challenge was to strike a chord with the consumers at the first glance. Nookad Namkeen created a deeper emotional connect with spontenous hand-lettering. The unique illustrations reflecting different day to day scenarios with a hint of the proudly being Indian and desi. A vibrant colour palette picked from the streets on India.


Compelling and Unique

The final output is bright and youthful with the spontaneity of India and a compelling storytelling. The uniqueness of the pack stands out in the over crowded namkeen market where all are trying to communicate the same desi story.

Reviving the culture of Indian street food, friendship and fun