Reviving a culture of Indian street food, friendship and fun

Nookad Nation

Nookad Nation is a peppy and exciting tribute to hamara finger-licking street food. In these fast-paced times, the peppy brand is all about reliving the laidback, cozy and unforgettable street food culture that a generation of Indians has grown up with.

Inspired by the delightful buzz of Indian kattas, the restaurant packs old flavors in a new avatar and offers a place to get some chaddi-buddies together and live it all up again. 

To reflect apna desi culture, we wanted to create a space that sends people down the memory lanes of their very own nookad. With vibrant typography, fresh colours and a unique interactive messaging strategy, we brought alive the ownership, laughter and memories that always brings a smile.

Nookad Nation is built on the ethos of building a happy and hearty community of like-minded people. The brand environment added its own quirky shades to complement that unabashed desi-ness.

Brand Environment & Communication

Sayaji Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Food & Hospitality

Hamari Strategy

Our core challenge was to bring together the diverse culture of India in one place. The brand environment was crafted to refresh nostalgia around the taste, textures and aromas of memories of people related to their own corner street “Nookad”.


Matchbox Posters

For the walls we crafted a poster series inspired from the evergreen and diverse graphics of matchboxes, presented with a twist and modern palette. The brand communication, wrapped around food + moments, food + places and food + memories and unique Indian ingredients, was fabricated as life-size wooden matchboxes placed across the store.


Walk your nookad

A series of witty and quirky graphics capturing the daily moments of the local nookads, adorned a large wall. Each store had its own unique map with a pronounced tone of Indian masti and emotions, we picked very specific elements such as fictious desi destinations and hand painted them to enliven a more natural and raw feeling. 

Mouth Watering

No restaurant is complete without mouth watering visuals of food. We commissioned well known photographer Saba to create a long stretch of dishes for the counter façade. Words thrown in the midst elevated the taste of the recipes.

Hinglish Signages

Bold and colourful signages inside the restaurant premises guided the customers to their favourite counters and to different activities. The Hinglish tone instantly resonated with visitors, helping create a long lasting bond with customers and bringing them back to re-connected to their dearest memories. 

Celebrating the colors

A lot of Indians choose vibrant colours to decorate the doors of their homes. These colours were our inspiration to create unique stickers in a greeting card format. It was symbolic of celebrating every moment of life while one is in the store.


Mithai Packaging

Mithais in India have a sweet relevance – they are considered as a form of greeting for all kinds of purposes and occasions, and also a way to celebrate new beginnings. Inspired by the traditional Mithai packaging used by local vendors, a modern yet ethnic mithai packaging was designed for people to cherish it. It carried an auspicious message of love, happiness and prosperity through symbolic flowers. The in-store packaging included the boxes, labels and stickers.

Packaging that takes you back to chatpata by-lanes of memories