Reinventing a business intelligence firm to entrench their leadership

RocSearch is a world-leader in delivering actionable business intelligence solutions that fuel strategic growth. Led by a deep domain knowledge and a functional understanding of client requirements, their work spans the entire spectrum of business intelligence from consulting through research and data analytics. They engaged us to recreate a radical identity that powered them into future while honouring their roots.

Business Intelligence is built on accuracy and is committed to help companies focus in the right direction. We translated this ethos in the identity seamlessly marrying stability of the typeface with the symbol, which stood for a focus, precision and collaboration. 

We built upon the metaphor of reaching the summit and gaining a holistic view and grasping opportunities, while garnering the experience of reaching a zenith.

The communication was designed with overtones of red, which represented passion and energy and fostered recognition. The formal tone was maintained across the corporate communication and collaterals. The website was knit together with a clearly-structured and responsive design. It was dominated by an aspirational imagery of mountains and peaks to communicate the story of reaching the summit with intelligence. The spirit flowed into the complete corporate identity and communication material.

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Rocsearch Ltd.

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A symbol of this radical change is the red target, which is all about insights and precision was combined with a stable typeface. A rich and deep red was chosen to reflect the passion and energy of delivering accurate insights. The result was a bold, straight-to-the-point, modern logo.