Re-defining Surya child care where tenderness is the greatest healer

Surya Child Care

Surya Child Care is a specialised hospital that has set a benchmark in Neonatal Intensive Care and Pediatric Health Care. The hospital approached us with the need to consolidate its brand with a stronger and more inspirational design. Our rebranding approach was to create a caring, comfortable and warm brand personality that combined childlike fervour and simplicity with a high-level of proficiency.

A healthy childhood is the beginning of a good life. Embracing this very core of Surya, we evolved an identity that represented nurturing and care.

As a metaphor of a blooming flower, the logo captured the brand proposition of beginning life with care. The colours combined vivacious pink which represented the colours of childhood, with sober teal that conveyed efficiency and trust.

Brand collaterals were designed to be aspirational and inviting, while the informative website is a friendly guide for parents, supported by inspiring imagery. The brand language across all communication media, stayed assertive, caring, warm, loving and assuring.

Brand Identity, Strategy & Communication 

Surya Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.


Visual Language

An expressive, young, clean and inviting manner supported by bright colours and inspiring visual imagery to get the best of aesthetic and functionality. The icons are designed in basic shapes that reflect the childlike fervour and simplicity.


The website is designed and programmed with the ability to inform & connect, creating a platform for parents seeking help. The site’s primary element is inspiring communication, supported by cheerfulcolours and images. The responsive design and consistent user-experience makes it easy for parents to access the website in any device and screen size.

Brand Environment

Craft an experience which has communication for the big and little. Infusing loving, homely and childlike atmosphere which interacts with the kid but gains the trust of parents. An approach to Educate, Engage and Guide the people around the hospital for an treasured experience.


Educate the visitor to healthy living and lifestyle as through a set of posters categorized: //Healthy Kids //Curious Kids //Beginning With Care //Image Driven Surya brand core is about showing how it cares for the people so educating them in right direction is important.



Engage the kids through simple puzzle type game with fun and happy visuals. Make it a place where kids love to be.


Guide to be well informed and reduce the level of anxiety. Signage which is very simple, clean, soft and functional. As said small touches of color makes it more colorful then havin the whole thing in color. So a sandwich structure with repsective floor color formed the langauge for signage.