Designing a unique video magazine mobile webapp

Taaza is a personalised video magazine that provides a range of relevant and crisp video viewing options based on user interest: Latest Videos, Editor’s Choice and Social Choice. To simplify access for users on the go, a clean, intuitive and responsive mobile webapp was developed for smartphone browsers.

Leaf Design had one key design goal in mind: simplicity and seamlessness.

Deriving from this, the logo was redesigned as more contemporary, modern and simple.The app launcher icon was created on the tenets of high-visibility, contrast and consistency. Together, the app created a unified experience around information categories: curating content from multiple sources and offering to the user. With an experiential User Interface, the Taaza platform allowed users to stay updated and enjoy a personalised browsing experience via their smartphones.

Digital Strategy, Web & Mobile Application

Touchfone Technology (I) Pvt Ltd.

Media & Telecom


The Featured Page allowed users to swiftly and simply scroll the page to find the content of their choice. 

Vertical scroll was used for browsing, and horizontal scroll would enable them to select a category based on Latest Vids (featured), Editor’s Choice (recommended) and Social Choice (Videos shared via friends).

Thumbnails were designed in alignment with the modern identity, echoing the new age techno generation.

To break the monotonous video page, a big thumbnail for popular videos was inserted with an interval of two small thumbnails. On selecting the prominent thumbnail, the user would go directly to the Video page.



The platform allowed users to change language at any point of time switch from English videos to other Regionalvideos. One could conduct a direct search for a video from a wide range of topics. And share their favourite video on social platforms like Facebook.