When a strategic website reflected the powerful proposition of a Company

Talentpool understands recruitment like no other. With its extensive experience and research, it empowers front line users to have better profiles and quicker closures. So when their parent company Nitman Softwares Pvt. Ltd.  came to us to establish Talentpool as an individual product, we got thinking.

Built for the end user, Talentpool is a recruitment software that aims to make the recruiter more productive than ever.

We strategised to build a dedicated product website explaining the product and its features in a modern, yet clear manner. We closed on a distinct triad color palette for the website, which brought lot of identity and recallability. Visual images were treated with duotone to evoke a futuristic mood. The minimalist approach created the impact of modern, efficient and swift company, while the mobile-first approach kept the website responsive at its core. 

Digital Strategy, Communication & Website

Nitman Softwares