Etching a Signature Identity for a Personal Brand

Unmesh Joshi

Unmesh Joshi is an Architect par excellence, an Entrepreneur and an Educationist, and has been lauded greatly for his achievements. He has straddled architecture for Real Estate, Education, Hospitality and Healthcare with steadily growing investments over the last two decades. When he approached to us to create an entity for himself as an individual, we decided to craft a strategic signature identity that would balance his unmatched personal class with a powerful corporate stature.

Reflective of ownership, differentiated presence and sovereignty, we infused the identity with enough character to make it speak about the individual, his values, passions, strengths and distincitveness. The resulting logo was classic, yet urban and edgy – a simple and highly-aesthetic monogram created with a single shape on a circular base. The logo evoked confidence, leadership and was an apt representation of his enterprising spirit. It was also imprinted on different products and presented as a set of gifts.

Brand Identity & Communication

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