Breathing life into a whole new world of travel

When Veena World’s founders approached us, all they had was an idea – to create a travel brand that capitalised on its Kesari Tours legacy and was fuelled by the passion of its 30-yr experienced enterprising team. The challenge was to create a brand identity that reflected that experience and instilled its all-encompassing ethos of ‘travel for one and all, anywhere around the world.’

We worked closely with the team, using consumer truths and market insights to strategize and give a shape to the new brand. We crafted a brand core, the welcoming flag-like shape that resonated with the idea of inspiring people to dream of travelling to destinations around the world. The V-shaped logo reflected the personality and leadership of Veena Patil, a much-loved and respected name in the travel world. 

It was inspired by the simplicity, confidence, passion, and approachable personality of Veena herself. The bright and cheerful yellow conveyed a spirit of adventure, positivity, travel, and celebration – as it was fused with a subtle grey.

The visual expression was strong and friendly, with a unique combination of bold and italics fonts. A host of other brand merchandise, brand collaterals, on tour branding, advertisements, hoardings, brochures and more were created. As Veena World achieved its objective of opening several back-to-back branches and taking a whopping 8,000 bookings in 60 days, the brand language and approach emerged as a true mirror of Veena World and its exuberant, down-to-earth identity.

Brand Identity & Communication, Brand Strategy

Veena World