Sandeep Ozarde


At Leaf, Sandeep is responsible for new business development, establishing the brand connect, design sustainability and digital initiatives. He brings his expertise in understanding and designing immersive consumer experiences to various industry sectors including travel tech, health tech, food tech, retail, hospitality, finance, technology, transportation, consumer products and services.

Prior to Leaf establishment, Sandeep was the Creative Director and a founding team member at, where he was responsible for establishing product strategy, design direction across branding development, content, ecommerce and community services while leading new digital product design and development. Having garnered significant international experience in the design and branding space, he is actively researching on linguistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT and how good design can influence the betterment of our society and businesses at large.

He loves to read and blog on diverse subjects which includes history, science, metaphysics and also enjoys travelling the world.