Foster a culture of innovation to create real business value and sustainable growth

A culture of innovation

Progressive organisations are able to pivot and grasp opportunities before they’re gone by continuously fine-tuning their internal systems, adapting to new technologies and working in a flexible, agile manner. This requires a design-driven approach to business, that leaves plenty of room for experimentation and testing new business models.

Business design involves fundamentally changing how you work, and applying new thinking and processes to every aspect of the organisation. Fostering a culture of innovation, rather than focussing on individual offerings, ensures longevity and sustainability for the business. As the story goes, incremental ideas will only give you faster horses, when what people don’t know they’re missing is the car. More than catering only to today’s needs, it demands anticipating those of tomorrow.

  • Ecosystem Assessment
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Business Model innovation
  • Internal System Design
  • Experience Mapping
  • CX System Design
  • Service Activation

How it works

A business idea has a long way to go before it reaches the market. We start by understanding the market and customer needs to identify areas where you can create value. We employ design methods to help you creatively translate that idea into a sustainable business model. We look at the entire landscape holistically – making sure that the value proposition fits within the ecosystem of production, distribution, price and most critically, customer benefit. We then develop concepts, designs and recommendations backed by a strong business strategy.

We take design thinking methodology a step further by making it intrinsic to business and exposing you and your team to new ideas, verticals and possibilities. Technology today allows for lean implementation, thus we are able to develop and test out business models in a much shorter time than before. This approach creates an ideal environment for innovation – we mitigate risk by testing the viability of ideas using minimum resources.

Our two-pronged approach assesses internal operations and systems and maps them alongside external narratives and engagement. Innovation happens once the two sides are speaking the same language; we deliver solutions that have lasting impact on the business and engage new and existing audiences in meaningful ways.

Strategy Demographic mapping

Fig 2.3 | Business Environment Innovation