Articulate what sets you apart with clarity

Building brands that live their purpose, transcend cultures and stay connected, today and tomorrow.

Brand Design

  • Brand Insights and Audit
  • Brand Strategy and Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Story and Narratives
  • Voice and Communication
  • Naming and Identity System
  • Branded Environment
  • Brand Internalisation
  • Brand Governance

Brands that matter

In today’s increasingly complex world, branding has become a strategic asset – a blueprint that guides every new step, decision and direction of the business from within. It aligns employees and internal stakeholders towards a singular vision for the future.

A brand is a compelling promise, fulfilled in a meaningful and authentic manner. In order to resonate, it has to reflect an organisation’s core competencies and align with business objectives. In this age of acceleration, brands are in a constant state of flux to stay relevant, even as categories continue to shift. The ones that stand out are those that embrace reinvention as the norm. These progressive brands are nimble – they can quickly adapt to market shifts, new technologies and operating models, and ensure future growth before losing its relevance.

What goes into it

We combine processes, environments and technology along with internal goals to build a new narrative around your unique competitive advantage; one that enhances brand affinity and drives financial results. Our exhaustive, strategic recommendations impact all aspects of the business on the path to achieving long-term goals.

When brand strategy aligns with business objectives, organisations are positioned for success. Through a rigorous process of research and analysis, we conduct a thorough audit to understand perceptions, competitors and market opportunities. A precisely crafted roadmap is developed by evaluating the customer journey and experience alongside business priorities. We apply design thinking methodology and data analytics to rapidly innovate and implement solutions.

We ensure that the brand strategy is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions and motivations. Understanding what truly drives your target audience enables us to develop concepts that build momentum, context and relevance, while leading the organisation towards exponential growth.

Strategy Demographic mapping

Fig 2.1 | Brand Identity Pyramid

Brand creation is driven by the brand Essence, the soul of the organisation that drives its strategic direction. In order to give form to this intangible belief system, we manifest it with human characteristics. This Persona helps us define how the brand will benefit consumers and how they might interact with it – by making their lives easier and more enjoyable in the process. In the last phase, these insights are translated into the physical Attributes of the brand – ranging from identity and design language, to how these features are expressed in products and services to form a cohesive narrative.