Raising the value of tomorrow for a wealth management company

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New ideas come to those who dare. Bellwether Capital is an equity portfolio management company that combines the fund management flexibility of a successful investment boutique with the scalability and expertise of a major investment house. It takes an unconventional approach to re-position their portfolio management services and equity investment as a promising source of wealth for today and tomorrow.


To attract the right audience that believes in wealth creation and asks them to dare today.


Strongly backed on the strategy of valuing tomorrow, an off-radar slant plays upon doing everything that an investment boutique wouldn’t


A mentor for your financial journey

In investing as in life, every moment is an opportunity. Every opportunity is a risk. With market insights of multiple years, Bellwether stands as a confident mentor to guide clients to minimise the risk and create value. The subtle serif font reflects the approach of detailed market research. It toes the line of sophistication and robust knowledge with a modern and chiselled logotype.

Reinforcing brand value to an existing audience

The website plays important role in vocalising the brand. As the first point of contact for potential investors, it tries to connect with them through multiple touchpoints. The website upholds transparency as one of the important aspect when it comes to any financial decisions.


Inspiring for the big leap

Away from finance, the images are metaphorical representation of navigation, leadership and fearlessness that helps to push the limits. It subtly encourages people to imbibe the risk-taker persona.


Humanising the brand

Yet coming from the finance domain, the website does not overwhelm users by talking in numbers and statistics at first. It tries to establish a long term connection by using aspiring imagery and language. It communicates like an experienced mentor and gets the trust of the user.


Simplifying the complexity

Though the website serves a business purpose - sleek, simple and geometric icons provide an essential breather. The motion added to the icons boost the playful quotient, and help the user to engage deeply with the experience.