The world seen through the lens of short stories

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Stephen Denning in his book ‘The Springboard’ says that telling stories builds trust because you are sharing a bit of yourself. Telling stories can unlock passion because it sparks myriad feelings and emotions. And stories help connect the head to the heart. And somewhere on this bridge between ideas and feelings, Compoz was born. Compoz is an easy, beautiful and comprehensive way to capture, collect and share your point of view through short visual stories with people all around the world.


To make storytelling a joyful experience for one and all


Tap the photo trend and build a platform that lets people create visual stories on the go

Uploading visual stories worth a thousand words

The app gave the layperson a voice and a chance to express their ideas and perspective without having to weave them into words: from one click to upload a story, in a few steps.


Many storytellers unlock numerous perspectives

Every person sees the world differently. Compoz lets users fuel their inspiration with stories and perspectives from other people all around the world. From travel to culture, Compoz attempts to bring storytelling into the everyday world.


Creating visual stories anytime, anywhere, on-the-go

Compoz helps people capture visuals and string them together to create stories about anything they’re passionate about. Add perspective to stories with a cover title and captions. Review and publish when done.


All for discovering and retelling stories

Retelling stories bring them alive and help them travel across cultures and worlds, adding layers of meaning every time it is shared. People retell stories on Compoz and a host of social platforms, allowing them to become deeper with each share.


Curating stories into one book

Compoz makes it easy to keep favourite stories and books in one place. Users can reach out to their collections anytime for reference, enrich themselves or share with others. They can curate parts of their collection as a bigger story, or publish it as a book, with single stories.


Many perspectives string a story together

The visual identity of the app takes the clean and uncluttered route. Three colours merge into a C-shaped logo symbolising varied perspectives coming together and making something new. Its unique, simple and never distracts from the app itself.


Creating an online presence that counts

The simplicity and ease of the app is well translated to the website. Open spaces and minimal text gives the site room for creativity and imagination. Features are displayed one step at a time, like telling a story.


Building touchpoints on social media

Social media posts inspired by banners and post-it notes, hints, clues, and aspirational copy – these are the building blocks of the social media plan. Together they unlock the storyteller in people and egg them on to grow. Simple banners ignite curiosity, trigger thoughts and finally build up the stories, Stories are everywhere, In everything and, most of all, in everyone. Compoz was not about taking technically perfect pictures. The richness of thought breathed a unique beauty to each picture.

Stories are everywhere, in everything, and most of all in everyone.