A range of forms synthesized together for vibrancy and a consistent experience

  • Retail
  • Customer Route Mapping
  • Wayfinding System Design
  • Information Planning
  • Implementation Support

With a whopping 650,000 sq.ft. of futuristically designed shopping space, Forum Mall is among the largest shopping malls in the country. Shoes, exercise equipment, home furnishings, electronic goods, books, video games: the mall is dotted with anchor and new brands to enhance the shopping experience for one and all.


Meet the global aspirations for this one-of-a-kind mall, while making the wayfinding system contemporary and sophisticated.


Build a visual vocabulary through a grid that synthesizes inclusiveness, diversity, and universality to guide people across a diverse landscape.

Inspired by a contemporary architecture

The brand name Forum and its architecture acted as a source of inspiration for the signages that were spread across the space. The bold grid was derived out of the structure made up of four blocks, while a distinctive triangular pattern was adapted and scaled into the expanding space.

Built strong on a tested prototype

The signage colours were solid and bright, alluding to the vibrant Indian palette to build relatability and an atmosphere of celebration. The typography was bold to reinforce the brand ethos and exude prominence. Together the system was created to allow people to immerse into the brand. 
To ensure smooth navigation, all the signages were tested on a thorough prototype. The functional aspect such as viewing distance, legibility, and clearance height was tested considering user flow and understanding.