Filling the day with wholesome goodness

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 Food is alive, it sustains us all, and it deserves to be enjoyed at its delicious best. Sandoitchi is a tempting destination to indulge in hot, delicious and filling sandwiches. But that is just the beginning of the experience. The Sandoitchi world goes far beyond food into an inviting and vibrant ambience, an experiential kitchen, a light atmosphere, that comes together to fill your day with positivity.


Building a new category of hot sumptuous doitchies or sandwiches made your way


To fill your day with wholesome goodness, right choices and a positive vibe


Happiness is a gooey and dripping feeling

Doitchi (noun)
Fresh, wholesome goodness stacked up on a teppanyaki grill

The brand identity typifies the textural molten doitchi filling. The tantalising taste, scrumptious juiciness, the running hot sauces and sheer goodness is captured in the font that nearly runs into each other.


Fill your day

Pack in happy moments, savour the little delights, or just cherish the day as it passes by. The day is yours, so is your choice.


Nutritious wholesome delight in every bite

Every ingredient of a doitchi is naturally grown, freshly picked and lovingly cooked. This wholesome and fresh food calls for packaging that comes alive with a warm and organic look. Earthy, eco-friendly brown paper is the background for a big, bold confident brand language.


The art of making sandwiches

Bread is the heart of a sandwich, and preparing it is an art that is done best with great precision and an eye for perfection. The brand environment showcases how sandwiches are made. It is a reflection of the transparency and dedication of the chefs, and the love that goes into a sandwich. It is the story behind the bread, unfolded before your eyes.


Spirit of SanDoitchi

Inspired by the teppanyaki way of cooking, the spatula wall installation is the spirit of Sandoitchi on a wall. Each piece celebrates the values, and passion that make up Sandoitchi.


And the days fill up with joy

The celebration of taste and sheer delight continues at Sandoitchi. Just as the fillings melt into the delicious bread, one experience melts into the other and creates something entirely new to look forward to.



The goal was to leverage the visibility provided by the environment to enable communication and conversion. It had to create excitement and cut the clutter in the market with a powerful positioning, standing on its own ground; while also create engagement and help establish a new segment of sandwiches – doitchis.

Not only was the QSR launched with great success, but the identity also boosted visitors. Co-created brand communication continues to help the start-up thrive and evolve.


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