Reimagining the shopping experience for smart travel

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Travelling is a joy, but shopping for it can be a hassle. Travosh is a global travel-tech shopping platform that strives to put the packing worries of travellers at rest. For the frequent flyer or vacation goer, Travosh uses its expertise and curating abilities to share a range of travel products to discover and buy. The venture needed shape and form, and its fresh approach to be conveyed simply. The only way to do it was to shift from being product-centric to delivering superior customer experience, from the word go.


Bringing a change in shopping behaviour for the travellers


Become a guiding companion to travel smart

Creating a new identity that blends travel needs with e-commerce

Crafting a new user journey meant starting by understanding the user. A user study was conducted where most people who are about to travel said that they generally shop from retail stores. On e-commerce platforms, they used their own understanding of what travel requirement they may have.

Travosh did it the other way round. It took travellers around and showed them what they may need and hence buy. To start afresh, it drew their attention to a smarter way of travel shopping. The new brand would reflect the delight of travel in the brand image, content strategy and functionality.

Shopping utility tool for smart travel

Travosh was a unique offering as it captured everything that a traveller needed and brought it at one place to pick and choose. Drawing inspiration from a multi-tooled pocket knife, the brand idea for Travosh was to portray it as a shopping utility tool for all kinds of travel.

The idea combined the versatile product offering with a structured presentation. The symbol showcased the diversity, dynamism and flexibility of Travosh as an experience. The approach eased the user into this smart way of travel shopping, where everything he needed could be found in one place.

A contemporary spin on traditional online stores

Travel and exploration are at the heart of Travosh. Even as it broke free from the boundaries of a traditional e-commerce experience, bringing shoppers out of their usual mode of shopping, it retained the simplicity of its functionality. An outdoorsy look and feel throughout the visual journey kept travel products in focus. This helped the refreshing brand promise to stay alive at all times.

Travel in soul, ecommerce in mind

Travosh Website

Helping travellers buy better for their next journey

What sets Travosh apart is its ability to curate and plan smart. It handpicks and recommends products to the traveller according to their destination and month of travel. Friendly website navigation helped the user explore these curated products.

Travosh also fills travellers in with destination and month-specific weather information. Plus travel itineraries, must dos and even alerts and warnings in case of calamities or other threatening situations. The website displayed these specific pieces of information in an engaging and interactive form.


Curated products for various travel experiences

A traveller’s soul is always gearing up for some travel experiences. These experience, be it an adventurous one or leisure, gives birth to different travel needs. We understood the dilemas a traveller faces getting ready for these journeys, and introduced a navigation for such experience specific curated products.

Quick and easy purchase process

Having discovered the joy of finding products they really need, Travosh also kept the buying process short and simple. For them, a one-step ‘add to cart’ process and sliding preview complemented a quick and transparent on-the-go shopping experience perfectly.

Complete shopping guide from expert travel bloggers

To expand the brand experience, the need was to spread the word to more prospective audience to gain their trust and attention. This was fuelled by a social media and a pointed blog strategy that shared the stories of Travosh experts and their world travels, along with useful travel information.